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Help rescue abused homeless teens in danger from sex traffickers and other criminal predators

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Bringing help, healing and hope to homeless teens.

Beulah's Place helps prevent our community's homeless young people from falling into the hands of sex-traffickers and pedophiles.

Here in Central Oregon, we have created a successful model to fight a threat to youth that is epidemic across small-town America.

Donors nationwide support our local efforts to give help, healing and hope to teens and young adults in danger from the abuse, neglect, abandonment and hunger that makes them easy targets for predatory criminals.

Services include food, clothing, safe shelter for 18-21 year olds, temporary day shelter for 14-19 year olds, mentorship, job acquisition assistance, work skills training and transportation to/from work or school. On a case-by-case basis, we provide medical and dental care, rent assistance, educational assistance for completion of high school and college start scholarships. There are also opportunities for our young people to volunteer and "pay it forward."

For ten years, Beulah's Place has been volunteer-supported. We have a 92% success rate transitioning teens into successful independent living, including five college students. Our goal is to decrease the tragic suicide rate among 14-19 year olds in Oregon and to increase the percentage of students completing high school. In doing so, we create a stronger, greater community and a future for youth who had no hope of achieving one without intercession.